'Yasmin Rashid and other ministers extract 4 months old statement' Hamid Mir embarrasses government ministers

The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's Lahore High Court has approved a request for bail on medical grounds in Chaudhry Sugar Millskis, which senior journalist Hamid Mir also welcomed and said that Nawaz Sharif has more than a dozen board sicknesses. Has also written, now all the ministers are taking over.

’یاسمین راشد اوردیگر وزراءکے 4ماہ پرانے بیان نکالیں‘حامد میر نے حکومتی وزراءکو شرمندہ کردیا

Talking to Geo News in his response to the court's decision, Hamid Mir said that the medical boards created by the government some time ago also said that Nawaz Sharif has more than a dozen diseases, and also recommended that Nawaz Sharif see There is a need for maintenance, but at that time, the government held that there was facilities in the jail and an ambulance was standing, all the diseases were written in a report. Hamid Mir said that Nawaz Sharif's health was not given proper time due to which the nature worsened, it came late, it was too late, the court's verdict could be happy and his treatment could be improved.

Responding to a question, Hamid Mir said that the government ministers of Punjab and the federation had seen the statements of government ministers till three to four days ago. They were taking all the utterances. Earlier, he was the Minister of Health, but at that time, due to political ego, saying that the law is equal for all, Sheikh Rasheed also said that he would accept the judicial decision. Is announcing.

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