The government should do this to increase remittances, the chairman said.

Lahore (Sabah News) Chairman of the Pakistan Industrial and Traders Association Front (PAF) Mian Noman Kabir has said that the government should declare attractiveness to Pakistanis abroad so that their remittances will increase substantially. Could be.

ترسیلات زر میں اضافہ کیلیے حکومت یہ کام کرے ،پیاف چیئرمین نے حکمرانوں کو معاشی اصلاحات کے حوالے سے اہم ترین مشورہ دے دیا

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Mian Noman Kabir expressed concern over falling remittances in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, which was down 1.43 percent to $ 5.47 billion, down from 5.55 billion in the same quarter last year. Dollars were recorded. He said remittances were the only source of income in the current financial crisis, which imposed import and external debt payments in the event of a financial loss. Mian Noman Kabir, along with Senior Vice Chairman Nasir Hameed Khan and Vice Chairman Javed Iqbal Siddiqui met a delegation of Pakistanis across the country. Announcement package should be announced so that remittances can increase and economic growth will increase. He said that the measures taken under the Government's Pakistan Remittance Initiative program were inadequate. The PIF Chairman expressed his concern that remittances did not appear to meet the target of $ 24 billion in the financial year 2019-20 and more Needs action.

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