The decline in the value of the dollar at the end of the business, the stock market increase

KARACHI (Daily Pakistan Online) The impact of the rise in the dollar goes directly to the public, but for some time the dollar has been stable, but there has been slight volatility and the value of the dollar continues to trade in the interbank market today. At the end, there has been a decrease of three paise.

کاروبار کے اختتام پر ڈالر کی قدر میں معمولی کمی ، سٹاک مارکیٹ میں اضافہ

According to the details, the value of the dollar in the interbank market started to decline by 10, after which the dollar was trading at around Rs 155 to 80 paise, but at the end of the business the dollar fell 3 paise to Rs. Closed. On the other hand, the stock market has seen a slight increase. In the stock market, the 100 index was at 33,884 points, but today, it has seen signs of volatility throughout the day and the end of trading. The 100 index closed at 33 thousand 198 points, with an increase of 114 points

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