Once diagnosed, what kind of disease does Nawaz Sharif suffer and is it possible to cure it in Pakistan? Finally the correct details were revealed

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is currently undergoing treatment at the Services Hospital and now the most important news has come that Nawaz Sharif has been diagnosed and treatment has started.

تشخیص ہو گئی ،نوازشریف کو کونسی بیماری لاحق ہے اور کیا اس کا علاج پاکستان میں ممکن ہے ؟ آخر کار درست تفصیلات سامنے آ گئیں

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Private TV 92 News quoted hospital sources as saying that Nawaz Sharif is suffering from "acute ITP" and that treatment is possible in Pakistan while Nawaz Sharif has already been treated. Bone marrow is functional and no problem. Hematologist Dr Saqib Ansari has been contacted for treatment of Nawaz Sharif, it may take a week for him to recover.

It may be recalled that Nawaz Sharif was shifted to the hospital on an emergency basis three days ago due to acute shortage of platelets, where he has been deployed to more than four mega units of platelets so far and has been difficult to diagnose. The disease has been recognized and treatment has also started.

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Federal and Punjab government assured to provide all kinds of medical facilities for Nawaz Sharif, while the Punjab government plane and helicopter were also provided so that any problem should be brought to the doctor from any corner of Pakistan. Don't come

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