Indian-administered Kashmir becomes the most dangerous part of the world: US Congress

Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) The US Congress has said that the Indian government has taken over the media, how do I know the facts, India's infrastructure is becoming the most dangerous part of Kashmir.

بھارت کے زیرانتظام کشمیردنیاکاخطرناک ترین حصہ بن چکا ،امریکی ارکان کانگریس

According to details, the US Congress subcommittee on South Asia attended the meeting, the committee expressed concern over the serious human rights situation in occupied Kashmir.

Chairman of the committee, Bradsherman, said that the human rights situation in Kashmir is very worrisome; Indian government is not allowing US diplomats to confront Kashmir. no.

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Congress members said that the Indian government was using the media to manipulate media, how to know the facts, India's infiltration of Kashmir has become the most dangerous part of the world. Not even allowed to cure

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