Government imposes heavy burden on ordinary citizens: Dr Hafeez Pash

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Leading economic expert and former finance minister Dr Hafiz Pasha has said that the government is succeeding in its goals, but the government has put too much burden, the cost of food items at 15%. There is more that is affecting the poor people directly, the government is lagging behind small businessmen, excluding big tax thieves, the government should bring in a fixed tax system for small traders.

چھوٹے تاجروں کے لیے فکس ٹیکس کا نظام لائے،حکومت نے عام شہری پر بہت زیادہ بوجھ ڈال دیا:ڈاکٹر حفیظ پاشا

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Talking to a private TV program, former Federal Minister of Finance Dr. Hafiz Pasha said that the direction of the government is right but a lot of burden has been placed on the common citizen. Poor people are being directly affected; FBR revenues have increased by 15% after government actions They had to catch 100 percent of their taxes and later go to small businessmen, the rulers behind big tax thieves. Why not go to those who have built a large property in Dubai? They can make big money, taxpayers from other countries get tax management fixed and they don't need documentation, small businessmen should not be involved in this matter The field officers of KG are more troublesome to small traders, so the fix tax system will be better for them, exports are the blood of the government body but the government is annoying them; The government has a holding system that can be increased, the government should try to increase the tax The system should be easy and it does have to be a change of Urdu language.

Dr. Hafiz Pasha said that former finance minister Asad Omar consulted, which was better for the country but changed it later, Dr. Hafiz Sheikh and Governor State Bank Raza Baqir quickly took goals that are not possible Yes, I think every shop and industrial company should have documentation but you get tax on electricity bills anyway, industrial companies are not free at all. They pay taxes, the fact is you borrow from all sides. Now, you no longer have the ability to buy dollars, now the government is trying to keep interest rates high, which helps industrialists. Turned down to reduce their product, your industrial output has decreased since last September, which is still underway, vehicle sales have dropped 40% for many reasons, says the IMF. Yes, give a refund to the exporter but the government has given a refund of only 30%. He said that Pakistan's income tax system is very different from the world. Also, the government has increased the prices of gas, which is the highest difference in agriculture, urea fertilizer prices have increased by 30%. This year, the quality of cotton has dropped significantly which is the backbone of your economy, the government should reduce sugarcane cultivation which has been greatly enhanced. If blacklisted, all the money coming from outside the country will be stopped, which will result in Pakistan's exports from $ 50 billion to $ 30 billion and the situation of the country will get worse.

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