Shane Warne will no longer be driving in the UK, found guilty of wrongdoing

London: Former Australian bowler Shane Warne has been banned from driving in the UK for a year and fined 1845 pounds. Shen Warren admitted he violated the 40 mph speed limit in Kingston, West London, last August 23 and was driving at a speed of 47 miles per hour.

It is noteworthy that 50-year-old Shen Warren has been charged with speeding six times since April 2016. Shane Warren, one of the world's biggest league sniper, was last seen on September 2 with two bodybuilding women, including his girlfriend. A British newspaper later shared photos containing 49-year-old Shane Warne from his home. Three girls can be seen leaving. The newspaper reported that one of the girls was Shane Warren's girlfriend while the other 2 were prostitutes.

Earlier, Shane Warren was subjected to sex scandals and due to a relationship with a British nurse in 2000, he not only ended his marriage to his wife, Simona, in 2007, but also had to hand over the vice-captain of the Australian team. ۔

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